distribution channel 📩

before the internet, the telephone network was the distribution channel before the telephone network, mail was the distribution channel in the absence of mail, poetry and prose is the distribution channel

Natural Audience🍎

your natural audience are the people who will keep using your product for the rest of their lives after having reached, what seems like the very last person on earth, NETFLIX is returning to their natural audience because 80% of all people they reached are dropping off the subscription, some after 1 month, others after…

minimum viable flywheel❤️🔥

a minimum viable product so good for when 1 person uses it they become sucha fan they bring 1.6 more users thus compounding the growth of users, revenue and profit free exponential growth


saying no to 100 things saying yes to 1 thing which matter the most which is your lead domino

zoom fatigue

the state of human beings after sitting through more than 2 Zoom calls each day with or without their webcam on caused by the constant calculations of their brains asking itself “is this real?” – similar: metaverse fatigue 


a software program designed to feed off of the most basic human needs of social interaction and brining it inside the internet as much as possible turning people into notificaton driven dopamine junkies example all mmorpgs are metaverses masquerading as video games

notification driven dopamine

cheapest and the most below the belt method used by product managers to supply oxygen to their drowning retention curves because their product does not add a lot of real value to the user, acceptable when used in moderation

Customer Lifetime Value 🥇

and estimate of total amount of money a customer will ever spend with your business a pack of fries costs $5 once Jenny becomes your customer, she will buy at least once every week if Jenny lives in the same neighbourhood for the next 5 years 80% of all her purchases will be made in…


stands for Recency of purchase, Frequency of purchase and Monetary value of all purchases let us sort the customer list based on RFM by multiplying 3 things 1/total number of days gone by since this person purchased something from me (x) total number of times they’ve purchased from me (x) total amount of money they’ve…

product led growth💎

when your product is so good your users can not help but make their friends use it too this is the best type of growth I love product led growth—because I like free new customers


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